After the Liberal Democrats shock victory is it time for a progressive alliance?

As I woke up on Friday the 18th of June I was taken aback to see that the Conservatives had lost in the most recent by-election of 2021 in Chesham and Amersham. Not only had they lost, but they had lost to the Liberal Democrats. The preamble before this by-election was that Boris and theContinue reading “After the Liberal Democrats shock victory is it time for a progressive alliance?”

Lexit: Why I’m leaving the Labour Party?

A week ago, after conversations with friends, I decided I was going to put myself up for the position of youth representative on the Labour party NEC. I’d been reading lots of testimony from fellow comrades who, understandably had had enough and decided to leave the party. I had always thought I’d never leave theContinue reading “Lexit: Why I’m leaving the Labour Party?”

How I became a socialist and why I will always love Jeremy Corbyn.

I remember sitting in an A level Chemistry class in 2015 following election night. I should have been writing up an experiment we had done in the previous lesson but instead I kept sneakily looking at my phone to see the latest constituency results coming in. It was during this lesson that most ordinary andContinue reading “How I became a socialist and why I will always love Jeremy Corbyn.”

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The worlds most persecuted minority

In the midst of a global pandemic we can often be forgiven for forgetting about other issues going on around the world. We are all busy ensuring we have our face coverings on, stand 2 metres away from everyone and hand sanitising every five minutes. However, I recently stumbled across a poem I wrote regardingContinue reading “The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The worlds most persecuted minority”

Happy birthday to the NHS.

72 years ago on the 5th of July the greatest ever achievement from any UK government was born. A pioneering plan to make healthcare free to everyone across the country no matter your age, your background, your income or any other factor. Nye Bevans NHS was born. The global pandemic stemming from Coronavirus has broughtContinue reading “Happy birthday to the NHS.”

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. But what exactly do Labour want?

If people were starting to think Keir Starmer reminded them of former Prime minister and labour leader Tony Blair, the parties latest announcement with the headline jobs, jobs, jobs does a lot to back that up. The reinvention of Blair’s Education, Education, Education mantra was the key focus of Anneliese Dodds first major statement. TheContinue reading “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. But what exactly do Labour want?”

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